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27th October 2012

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Adelaide: I do love the New York Subway.
I don’t understand it. I always get lost. I get on any subway train, and I always end up in Brooklyn. 

You ought to come by my place in Queens some time, Kitten. *wink wink*

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6th July 2012

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Looking for my lost brother. Occupy Wall Street people, please reblog.

Hey guys. Gonna get serious business for a minute here.

I’m trying to track down my brother, who is a frequenter of Occupy Wall Street. He goes by Shawn Carrié. This is not his legal name, but since he’s expressed concerns about police activity, I’m keeping that private for the moment.

He’s been largely estranged from our family since joining OWS, and whomever has a hold of his phone says he’s “underground.” I’ve been trying to get a hold of him online and through friends in OWS, but so far without result. The only way I know he’s still alive is through his Twitter account, https://twitter.com/#!/shawncarrie .

This has obviously been a worrisome situation for some time, but recently, our grandfather became very sick, and has little time left in this world. If he doesn’t get in touch with us soon, I fear that our grandfather will die with regret, and my brother will not have had the chance to say goodbye.

If anyone who regularly attents Occupy Wall Street meetings, general assemblies, rallies, or has any connections to the “underground,” please ask around to see if anyone can reach with him and convince him to call us. If you have followers in OWS or in the NYC area, please reblog this. If you know him personally or see him around, please tell him to contact us before it’s too late.

I can be reached by e-mail at remix.sakura at gmail dot com, or here on Tumblr.

Despite their disagreements over his involvement with OWS, all I really care about is giving the two of them a chance to reconcile. He should know that his family still loves him. Thanks, everyone.

Leisl S.

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27th June 2012

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Kingswood Restaurant, NYC →

This place needs to start holding Game of Thrones screenings.

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