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18th February 2013

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here is the transcript i took down myself at the event, fwiw (it's paraphrased a bit because obviously i couldn't write while he and i were speaking)

  • Me: Hi Mr. Martin; I really love -- wow, this mic is loud -- I really love these books, so thank you so much for this opportunity. One of the things I've enjoyed most about the series is the way that the viewpoints keep expanding. [GRRM nods.] Like, in Feast I really appreciated the Dornish characters, because it was interesting to get another racial perspective on the events -- [George nods again, other fans start yowling about spoilers] -- I'm not spoiling anything! (sheepishly, muttered) It's six years old, for god's sake. [some laughter at that] Anyway, um. So I am gay [I get a 'woo!' here], if you couldn't tell by my voice [laughter from the crowd] and I just... ugh, people are gonna yell at me! I'm trying to figure out a way to say this without spoiling, um. Okay, so one of the new POVs, I got the sense that he was gay? And I was wondering if I am crazy and reading into that or if like, that thing was actually a thing. That was happening. [crowd laughter]
  • GRRM: You mean in Feast?
  • Me: No, I mean in the new one.
  • GRRM: Oh in the new one!
  • Me: Yeah, I finished! Um. I'm talking about "The Lost Lord." Sorry, sorry! Trying not to spoil anything, ugh. [laughter]
  • GRRM: If you are talking about what I think you're talking about, then you're right. [applause]
  • Me: Awesome! Well thank you for doing that, because it's something that's important to a lot of people.
  • GRRM: There have been gay characters before, of course.
  • Me: Yeah, but I mean, a perspective character.
  • GRRM: I try to be a little subtle with these things, like with Renly and Loras, I mostly hinted around it. I mean -- I didn't think they were subtle hints! [raucous laughter at this] HBO of course took it to another, more overt level, which was good, but a lot of fans were upset about that, which is a curious thing. The thing is that the sexual scenes, gay or heterosexual, are what I always get the most complaints about. I think that has to do with the Puritanical attitude toward sex here in America. [applause] Because I will always get a ton of letters angry at me over any given sex scene, and I say 'I have a vivid description in here of an axe entering a face, and you don't care about that. But the second I talk about a penis entering a vagina, all hell breaks loose.'
  • [crowd laughter]
  • GRRM: I think it's important to represent the full rainbow of humanity, whether it's male or female, gay or straight, characters of color, et cetera. And with those characters who are part of those [marginalized] groups, I always try to have different types of people within those categories -- some nice, some mean, some good, some bad -- because at the end of the day I believe what we all are, fundamentally, is human. [thunderous applause at that]

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21st December 2012

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A live feed of GRRM’s computer to watch his progress in real time

A live feed of GRRM’s computer to watch his progress in real time

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16th August 2012

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George R.R. Martin THROWIN’ SHADE at the Republican Party.

The (2nd) most amusing this about this is that his blog is actually on Livejournal. 

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13th July 2012

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“So what I’m saying is, I literally feed on your tears.”


“So what I’m saying is, I literally feed on your tears.”

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25th June 2012

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22nd June 2012

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Write Like the Wind (George R. R. Martin) by Geek and Sundry

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30th May 2012

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18th May 2012

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Celebrity Story Time: George R. R. Martin, Part 1/3 

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17th May 2012


Book Post: How authors feel about fan-fiction →

Archiving this classic-as-hell thread for posterity.

I think by nature of being on Tumblr shows that I support fanfic. I still believe to this day that without FanFiction.net, I never would have figured out what sex was.

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2nd May 2012

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Dinosaur Feathers - Please, Please George.wmv (by saintblackangel)

…Yes, it is in fact about George R. R. Martin.

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25th April 2012

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You know you’ve read too much “Song of Ice and Fire” when…

In the next fiction work you read, you think there aren’t nearly enough characters dying.

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